National Institute of Research and Development in Tourism – INCDT is the only research institution in the tourism field at national level, which is providing permanent specialised support in the territory.
With an experience of almost 50 years, INCDT offers consultancy services in tourism and draws up fundamental and applicative research studies, of public and national interest, concerning the development and promotion of Romanian tourism (tourism development studies / strategies, statistical analysis, research projects, feasibility and prefeasibility studies, marketing research and strategies, databases used in the field of tourism, expertise for the development of ITC applications for the development and promotion of tourism products, transnational projects, etc.).
The INCDT mission is to create the basis for the development of Romanian tourism, to improve the competitiveness of this sector but also to implement the national strategies in the field of scientific research and innovation.



We develop and provide innovative solutions, able to keep up with market needs. We provide professional services that actively contribute to the efficiency, effectiveness and excellence of our customers. By itself or in partnership, our solutions and services can be incorporated across any business, from the study phase of a project, through installation, monitoring, implementation, but also in the production phase, with a view to obtaining customer satisfaction. our clients. We have experienced and certified professionals to accompany you in each project or service.



INNETICA is a non-profit association that promotes cooperation between European
entities and advocates for European values. INNETICA mainly focuses on three fields:
– Education and Training: Development of European projects that facilitate innovation and the exchange of good practices.
– Research, Development, Social and Cultural Innovation: The research and innovation activities carried out by INNETICA have as its centre the human being in any of its social and cultural environments.
– ICT Applied to Education, Social and Cultural Innovation: INNETICA use all kinds of digital media available for didactic, health, cultural and well-being purposes.

Based on these pillars, INNETICA provides the necessary infrastructures for a research and social innovation centre that brings together universities, public bodies, companies, training centres, as well as intellectuals, professionals and volunteers who contribute with their knowledge and experiences to the change and improvement in European societies.



ISAG – European Business School is a Private Polytechnic Higher Education Institution founded in 1979 and located in Porto.

With 40 years of history and tradition in Higher Education, guided by a high quality teaching and an innovative and irreverent position. ISAG was a pioneer in the courses of Management and Tourism in the north of Portugal.

ISAG-EBS has been strengthening its internationalization strategy, as well as its position as one of the best Business Schools in Portugal.

ISAG – EBS promotes the acquisition of entrepreneurial and leadership skills and our  education programs are tailored to the needs of businesses.  

We count with more than 800 partnerships worldwide and with an international presence in 4 continents, that can be translated by the presence in several international networks and projects in the fields of research, mobility and innovation.


Vistula School of Hospitality

The Vistula School of HospitalityVSH (formerly the Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management) is a modern university that has the character of a business school. It was established in result of a merger of three tourist universities – the renowned Mieczyslaw Orlowicz College of Tourism and Recreation in Warsaw, Warsaw University of Tourism, Food and Hospitality and The College of Tourism and Hotel Management in Łódź. They were also joined by the Tourism Institute, established in 1972, the only research and development unit in Poland conducting interdisciplinary, comprehensive studies in the field of tourism. The Vistula School of Hospitality prepares graduates for a career in management, development and administration of tourist, sports or recreation enterprises. Its educational offer comprises bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Polish and English that are unique on a national scale. It provides education in the field of Tourism and Recreation, Dietetics and Lifestyle Coaching. The Vistula School of Hospitality promotes the idea of entrepreneurship. It focuses on the practical and international dimension of teaching. The system of the University’s cooperation with practitioners and the business environment rests on the Business Council established in 2014, which is the Group’s key advisory and opinion-forming body. It consists of strategic partners representing key specialties who actively cooperate with the Vistula School of Hospitality authorities in developing the University’s study programs. The Council includes, among others, representatives of the International Association of Meeting Organizers of MPI Poland, the Polish Chamber of Tourism, the Polish Tourist Organization and the Polish Olympic Committee.

The Vistula School of Hospitality educates for the leisure and the hotel industry labour markets. It is a university with an international atmosphere and strong relationships with business. The Tourism and Recreation programme at the Vistula School of Hospitality has the prestigious THE-ICE accreditation (The International Center of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education). It is one of the two most important certificates in the world, granted to universities, that educate for the needs of industries dealing with tourism, recreation, organization of events and culinary arts. THE-ICE accreditation is a globally recognized sign of the highest quality, proof of appreciation for a culture of openness, cooperation with the industry and strong ties between science and practice. Holder of the prestigious THE-ICE accreditation, it focuses on quality, practice and innovation.


Skills Zone Malta

Skills Zone Malta is a training hub of professional trainers in the field of Entrepreneurship, personal development and soft skills, training people in both f2f and online environments.

Director, Maryrose set up Skills Zone Malta using her seventeen years of experience in entrepreneurship and EU funding programmes to tap into this growing niche market and managed to create an exciting pool of experts in entrepreneurship, personal development and empowerment in order to that enable people to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their full potential.

The entire team believes in experiential learning, therefore our soft skills training courses involve “learning by doing” using state-of -the art infrastructure for performing hands on exercises and real-world simulations.

Skills Zone Malta offer tailored courses according to the needs of the individual and compliment it with a mentoring Programme of not less than 3 months, to ensure that one becomes the best version of themselves.