Blue tourism in a rising sector. Taking into consideration the annual economic report on the blue economy of the EU presented by the European Commission, “coastal tourism is the largest contributor in terms of jobs, value added and profits, contributing significantly more to jobs than to GVA and / or profits “. Thus, the blue tourism sector has a special potential to encourage the development of new companies, which entails the implementation of actions that benefit both the improvement of the professional skills of graduates and university students with an entrepreneurial character in the knowledge of blue tourism as a greater involvement of the universities in the incorporation of educational programs of entrepreneurship in blue tourism in their curricula and the corresponding active participation of their professors.

The objectives of the BT Opportunities project are:
1.- The improvement of business skills, including the business social skills of graduates in higher education.
2.- The implementation of curricula and training programs in universities that meet the needs of the blue tourism industry.
3.- The improvement of the professional competence of university professors in relation to the MOOC method in areas related to entrepreneurship in blue tourism.
4.- The use of mentoring as a collaboration and support tool between the university / professor /student on the blue tourism business spirit.

In order to achieve these objectives, a training course with two training modules will be designed related to entrepreneurship in blue tourism following the methodological framework of ECVET and EntreComp (The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework) that facilitates the validation and recognition of the skills and professional knowledge acquired In the entrepreneurship of the blue tourism in the different education systems and countries of the EU, on the other hand, a mentoring platform in blue tourism entrepreneurship will be developed in which professors and students or graduates with entrepreneurial spirit can interact for the implementation in of their business. Likewise and in order to give an added value to the project, university professors will be trained in the use of MOOC as a didactic method for entrepreneurship courses in blue tourism.

The target groups of the project, all of them directly or indirectly participating in the problem of this group, are the following:
-Universities linked to the tourism sector
-Students and university graduates with entrepreneurial character
-University teachers
-Organizations and entrepreneur associations
-Chambers of Commerce
-Entrepreneur support centers, start-up incubators

In order to achieve the project’s objectives, innovative methodologies will be used (MOOC, mentoring platform “in the cloud”), with the aim of enhancing their use as a didactic and interrelational means student-teacher-mentor and of obtaining benefits to medium-long term on the utility of these tools as a means of improving the professional skills of users both at the student and teacher levels.

The transnationality of the present project is fundamental to make known the objectives of the project as well as the results obtained and the different products developed, for this reason we have formed an international and multidisciplinary consortium with sufficient experience in both blue tourism and innovative teaching tools to enrich the project and to achieve the scope and quality of the results sought for the recipients of it:
– Szkola Glowna Turystyki i Hotelarstwa Vistula – Coordinator (Poland)
– ESE, Ensino Superior Empresarial, LDA. (Portugal)
– Skills Zone Malta co. Limited (Malta)

The beneficiaries of the project have a wide network of knowledge and contacts at the local / regional and national level, which allows the adequate dissemination and capitalization of the same. All planned dissemination actions will be detailed in the corresponding Dissemination and Capitalization Plan of the project, in order to guarantee its sustainability and long-term benefits.